International Conference aims to:

  1. Expressing the scientific mindset based on Islamic epistemology.
  2. Finding the alignment of the message of the Quranic revelation with the findings of modern scientific theory.
  3. Knowledge distribution of scientific theoretical findings in various disciplines that are in line with the Islamic scientific mindset.
  4. Publishing the results of the seminar and the Proceeding (which meets the criteria) on Scopus journal, book, and proceeding.
Main Theme

Financial Technology (FINTECH) on the Perspective of Law and Syariah Economy


  1. Syariah Economy Facing the New Trend of Halal Lifestyle.
  2. Syariah Law and the Construction of National Regulation on Economic Invention.
  3. Communication and Advertising in the Context of Global Market Challenging.
  4. Bio-Technology, Food, and Nutrition on the Perspective of Halal Product.
  5. Industrial Psychology on the Perspective of Islamic Psychology.
  6. Character Education Model to Prepare the Youngers for Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  7. Islamic Counseling and Therapy in the Era of Disruptive Economy.
  8. New Trend of the Development of Syariah Economy on Cultural Perspective.

The Conference is expected to attract and invite participants from all over Indonesia and other countries, in particular researchers, lecturer, and students.